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The Ugly Truth about the cosmetic industry

  • The US has not passed a federal law regulating the cosmetic industry since 1938
  • The Food and Drug Administration does not require that cosmetics ingredients or products be approved before they go on the market, and FDA has no power to recall a product from the market
  • The European Union has banned nearly 1400 ingredients from cosmetics and personal care products
  • The US has only banned or restricted 30 ingredients from cosmetics and personal care products
  • More than 85,000 chemicals are registered for use in commerce, and about 10,500 are used in the cosmetics industry
  • Women use an average of 12 personal care products containing 168 ingredients every day


Help Spread the Word About Safer Beauty

3 Ways to get involved…

become a beautycounter customer


When you become a Beautycounter customer
and start to swap out your old products with less toxic ones you help set a trend.

You are helping change consumer demand for better products.

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For only $29 dollars you will receive:

  • Free Shipping on Orders $100+
  • A welcome gift when you spend $50+
  • 5% Product Credit
  • Exclusive members only offers

Become a consultant and start a business of your own

Whether you have a blog or want to share Beautycounter through another business you will be supporting a company with ethics and quality.

Beautycounter is a wonderful addition to businesses like massage therapy, skin care, aesthetician, nutrition coach, aromatherapist, herbalist, or as part of any other holistic business,

And you can make considerable money while you make a difference starting with 35% commissions with many more opportunities as your business grows. You also receive your own website and extensive training.

When you sign up you have access to special discounts for your first order.

I’m here to help!

If you have questions about which products to try first or how to join please email me at: zoe (at) mindbodycliarty (dot) com

There are several different starter kits for both makeup and skincare that are discounted at the time of signup. It can be a little overwhelming to decide what to try first.


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beautycounter the never list

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