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The Hidden Scabies Epidemic No One Will Talk About

This is an excerpt from my eBook: Fast Non-Toxic Relief from Scabies

Why should you listen to me?

Because I learned the real story that you won’t hear on the public health sites.

I didn’t even know what scabies was until the age of 44. And then over the following 15 years, I caught it 5 times, once as a massage therapist and 4 times from furnishings.

I know how I contracted it because the 4 subsequent times I started itching within a day of sitting on the public subway train, and in the library on cushioned seats and once after staying at a BnB.

The reason I began to itch so quickly the last 4 times was because of my immune response being heightened after being exposed to scabies the first time.

If you have never had it before it can take 2 to 6 weeks for the symptoms to be noticeable.


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What is scabies?

Scabies is an excruciatingly itchy and embarrassing body mite, (the Sarcoptes scabiei mite), that burrows under the top layer of your skin.

It is so tiny it can rarely be seen by the naked eye. Scabies is wide-spread all over the planet and affects children and the elderly in resource-poor communities the most.

Scabies is so common worldwide that it affects more than 130 million people at any one time across the globe. Rates of scabies may be anywhere from 0.3% to 46% according to the World Health Organization.

But since it isn’t talked about openly, most people will never know the full extent of the range of this pesky critter or how easy and inexpensive it is to get rid of.

Where you are most likely to notice scabies first?

According to most public health sites, you will notice itching and red bumps on your wrists and hands, finger webs, elbows, skin folds, under breast folds, lower abdominal area, genitals, and buttocks.

But from personal experience, I can tell you that you could just as easily notice it first on your face or neck or anyplace else.

Supposedly scabies does not travel to the head and scalp though both I and a friend of mine both had itching in our scalp during an infestation with scabies.

Symptoms of scabies

  • Intense itching, especially at night
  • 1 to 2 mm raised red bumps may or may not be present, (I have never had them).
  • Thread-like burrows may or may not be visible under the skin, (never saw them).
  • Redness or crusted sores around hands, wrists and between fingers may be present (nope not often!)
  • Itchiness around genitals, but only if scabies is transmitted through sexual contact
  • If left untreated widespread eczema or crust may develop all over the skin (I got it from someone who had this crusted scabies when I massaged him)

How is scabies contracted?

  • Prolonged direct skin to skin contact: sleeping with someone, sex, giving or receiving massage etc.
  • Indirect contact: sharing clothing, towels, and bedding and from fabric-covered furniture
  • Working in institutions: prisons, nursing homes, preschools, or crowded conditions.

You cannot get scabies from a pet.  Animals have a specific type of scabies called mange that cannot breed on the human body. Human scabies can irritate pets and visa-versa, but they cannot reproduce or interbreed.

Is scabies the same as lice or crabs?

Scabies is not the same species as pubic lice, head lice or body lice which are three other specific species that can infest the human body.

These other three types of human skin parasites are large enough to be seen with the naked eye once they are full grown.

Scabies is rarely visible without the use of a magnifying glass or microscope. I have never seen anything at all in the 5 times I have contracted scabies.

Scabies burrows under the skin, whereas these other lice live on the surface of the body clinging to the hairs on the outside of the body and secreting a sticky glue to hold them onto the body hairs.

How long does scabies incubate before you have symptoms?

Scabies infestations can be asymptomatic from 2 to 6 weeks. You may not feel it or know that a mite has gotten onto you or burrowed under your skin.

You can spread scabies by intimate contact, a simple handshake, or by leaving a mite or two on the cushioned fabric of a subway seat, chair, or bed without knowing you have scabies.

You can catch scabies from someone who does not know they have it yet.

It only begins itching and keeping you awake all night once eggs have hatched and excrement from the mites have been excreting under your skin. The excrement from scabies is what causes the itching.

Why is scabies so prevalent?

One reason that scabies does not become extinct is that people are under-reporting it and continue to go to work while they are treating it because of the hardship of lost wages and the stigma and fear.

Some people do not itch at all or know they are spreading this infestation everywhere they go.

The stigma and secrecy are what keep scabies thriving

Sadly, there is such a stigma about body lice, head lice, pubic lice and scabies that you won’t even know what is wrong with you for a while because this is not discussed by anyone openly and it probably won’t occur to you to look up scabies on the web until the infestation is well underway.

And this is the reason that body parasites like scabies, head lice, pubic crabs, body lice, etc. still exist.

They are actually very easy to get rid of once you identify which one of them you have and know how to treat them systematically.

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The tricky thing about scabies, in particular, is that this mite is so tiny you cannot see it with the naked eye so you can be shedding mites for weeks without even knowing you have scabies living on and under your skin.

And in the meantime, you are being re-infested with new mites every time you get in your untreated car, sit in your office chair or lie down in your bed.

Human skin parasites evolved to spread easily by being quiet and incubating for weeks before you are able to feel them, identify them and do something to get rid of them.

Crusted Scabies or “Scandinavian Scabies”

This is a variant that can happen in immune-suppressed people or if scabies is left untreated in a community without resources.

Crusted Scabies appears when a person is infested with millions of mites instead of the normal 15 or 50 mites that constitute a normal infestation.

Crusted scabies consists of a widespread scaly red crust without significant itching. Without knowing they have scabies these people can be a huge source for infecting the community around them.

If you do come into contact with scabies a second time you will know right away

Once you have had scabies and gotten rid of it you are even more allergic to the toxics this little mite excretes. You will have a stronger reaction if you contract scabies again and at that point, you are likely to know you have an infestation within the first day.

Is scabies dangerous?

Usually, scabies is simply annoying and embarrassing. The worst part is being sleep deprived for nights on end. And since children and infants are especially sensitive it can lead to terrible rashes.

There have been rare cases of anaphylactic shock due to scabies. Though rare, epi pens have been used for scabies reactions. Antihistamines can help with the itching as you get rid of your infestation.

Without treatment, scabies can lead to dangerous skin infections

In developing countries, without resources, scabies can cause chronic skin infections leading to staph, abbesses, and even sepsis in infants. This can lead to dangerous immune complications and eventually to kidney disease.

Diagnosing scabies

Scabies is hard to diagnose because it is not talked about and doctors often cannot find it because there may be only 10 or 15 mites living on the body at one time and they are tiny.  Any skin testing is likely to miss them completely.

Many articles say that you should go and have skin scrapings done but often they don’t find anything.

Sleepless with Scabies

Scabies likes it when you lie down to sleep or sit down to meditate because the mites seem to like stillness and cooler body temperatures.

The lowered temperature is its optimal time for doing its business of traveling to locate mates, tunneling, copulating, laying eggs, eating and excreting.

A temperature of over 120 ferinheight will supposedly kill scabies. Scabies mites can survive for up to 19 days in temperatures below 20 degrees ferinheight.

If you have scabies you will not get any sleep for nights on end and will start to go slowly crazy because no one talks about scabies or knows what scabies is and no one is willing to admit they have had it or talk about it openly.

You will think something is living in your bed. You will think it is fleas or bedbugs.

You will spray the bed and move to the couch only to think that something is somehow living in the couch too. How did the couch and bed get fleas when you don’t have a dog or cat?

Scabies and bug spray: not a good combo

When I got scabies for the first time, I did not know what it was for several weeks. I began spraying my bed and body with bug spray thinking the bugs were living on the bed and couch only to find that using bug spray made the pests writhe and move more actively all over my body. But I couldn’t see anything. Did I have some weird form of eczema?

I was told I had bird flea infesting my apartment

I called an exterminator thinking my home was infested with bed bugs or fleas. He said it sounded like “bird fleas” and said they were very small so you might only see tiny black dots.

I did not see anything at all. There was not a single black dot.

He came and sprayed but nothing happened. The itching continued and got worse and started bothering me when I was driving or doing things during the day.

I thought I was allergic to dust mites and bought a 600-dollar hepa vacuum cleaner and I vacuumed like a fiend for days.

But I still itched relentlessly.

Finally, it dawned on me that this must be “scabies” whatever that was

Finally, I went online and looked up scabies having vaguely heard of this a long while back.

Sure enough, this was what was wrong with me.

The itching at night was the most prominent symptom. And it was not anything in the furniture. It was not any kind of body lice because those are visible.

I realized that working as a massage therapist would be the perfect way to pick up scabies without knowing it.

The massage client would have no symptoms for the first few weeks and would be lying still. Scabies mites would come out for a look around. and since they are microscopic, and you can’t feel them at first it would be easy for a mite or two to transfer to me.

This would be similar to intimate physical contact because my hands and forearms would be working out the kinks all over the clients back, neck, legs, and arms.

I may have been exposed to Crusted Scabies as a massage therapist

I had stupidly massaged a client who had a red scaly rash on his body and my itching had occurred a week or two after his massage.

He may have had crusted or Norwegian scabies and not have known it since it causes no itching for most people who have this type of scabies.

He had insisted his condition was not contagious and I had believed him.

When I called to tell him that he might have scabies and that there was a safe non-toxic treatment he didn’t return the message.

This is probably how I first caught scabies.

Scabies is easy to contract from furniture, believe it or not

According to public health sites, the main way of getting scabies is through sexual contact and rarely through inanimate objects.

But this is inaccurate because I had scabies 4 more times through furnishings. You can easily pick up scabies from furniture that has cushioned seats or from non-sexual contact with other people.

Scabies can strike rich or poor because it can live in seat cushions, in libraries, on subway trains, in offices and other public places that have fabric seats.

The scabies mite can live for up to 2 days under normal temperatures and longer in colder temperatures.

Scabies sits in the fluffy fibers of fabric waiting to latch onto your clothes when it senses the warmth of your body. Then the female scabies mite will work its way under your skin to lay eggs.

It is so tiny that you will not see it or feel it when it first climbs onto you. You will only notice it a few weeks later once the eggs hatch under your skin and the excrement from the mite and her babies have irritated your skin.

You might even feel a sharp pinch or biting feeling once in a while as it feeds on you and excavates your skin.

There may be no visible signs of scabies

Some websites show pictures of red tracks made from the burrows, but it is unlikely that you will see anything at all because these pictures of red tracks are often of people who have had huge scabies infestations for months without treatment.

Scabies doesn’t care if you are clean or dirty, rich or poor

scabies doesnt discriminate

Showering for hours will not wash away all the scabies mites. You could stay in the shower or bath for 3 hours straight and the mites and would just go dormant, hiding deeply burrowed under your skin until you got out of the tub.

Then they would emerge to feed on your tasty clean flesh and to start moving around happily and laying more eggs.

The reason homeless people get the worst cases of these various types of body parasites is that they are not able to bathe and change clothes and treat themselves daily methodically for several weeks.

Homeless people are not able to follow through with weekly treatments. They do not have the resources to shower, treat their entire body, change into clean clothes and treat their surroundings daily.

Scabies myths

Doctors and mainstream medical try to treat scabies with prescriptions for traditional nerve poisons like topical treatments like Permitherin, or oral medications like Ivermectin. But there are better, less toxic, less expensive ways to treat scabies.

These prescriptions might have worked way back when these toxic drugs first came out but the scabies mite quickly developed a resistance to these drugs so often these don’t work well. I learned this from experience.

Over the counter treatments like Rid do not work at all for scabies and just irritate the skin more.

Another myth I have seen spreading around the web that people take long Epsom salt baths or to just eat super healthy as if these things will do something about scabies.

This is totally untrue!

Scabies happily infests healthy people and the better you eat the better they like you. They especially like young children because they are so tender and healthy.

The easy solution to scabies

To get rid of scabies do not use the doctor-recommended products because just like head-lice, scabies strains have grown strong and resistant to these chemicals.

It is expensive and is very bad for the nervous system for humans and especially for young children because it is a nervous system poison.

Permitherin Ivermectin hurt you more than they hurt scabies.

I think the reason they keep telling people to use these toxic prescription drugs is that they are expensive, and someone makes money off of this.

2 things that actually work for killing scabies  

safe easy scabies cure

Firstly, there is a safe nontoxic inexpensive natural enzyme spray that you put on topically. The enzyme spray breaks down the carapaces of the tiny bodies and melts the egg cases so they cannot hatch.

Secondly, use food grade diatomaceous earth that you can buy in a giant bag for around 6 dollars.

Read the rest of the eBook

Learn more about scabies protocols:

Fast Non-toxic Relief from Scabies: How to get rid of scabies systematically



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