Take Back Your Life!

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have the energy to do everything you want to in your life?
Learn how to recover from lifestyle discomforts like obesity, diabetes, depression, chronic fatigue, and food addiction. 

Most disease has the same root: addictive processed foods.
But how do you get free?

You were never born to be a consumer to support big pharma and the fast food industries. 

Who's Behind Mind-Body Clarity?

photo of Zoe Zuniga Wellness Writer

Hey there! I’m Zoe Zuniga

I started Mind-Body Clarity to help you get live at the highest level of health possible!

I have a background as a Massage therapist, Pilates trainer and I was a certified medical assistant. Right now, I am working on a plant-based Nutrition Certification.

I’m your researcher and human test subject for courses, information, and products to help YOU get free from food addiction, diabesity, depression, fatigue, and other chronic conditions without big pharma.

I have struggled with moods of gloom, chronic pain, and exhaustion most of my life.

Our broken health care system was just getting in the way of my healing, so I had to find another path.

After too many diet experiments I gained 60 pounds in a few months and couldn’t get the weight off for ten long years.

My Cholesterol and blood pressure were getting so high doctors wanted to give me medications, but I knew there had to be an alternative to taking drugs that were just going to make me even fatter and sadder.

I found answers that were so simple I couldn’t believe they were true at first.

I am finally losing weight steadily using whole, high-fiber plant foods as my medicine. My cholesterol and blood pressure are back down within normal ranges.

The best part…

I’m happier and more engaged with life than I have been in years.

I knew I needed to eat better to feel better, but I didn’t know how to stick with it until recently.

I needed it to be simple and not take much time out of my day to prepare healthy foods.

Big pharma can’t make money selling kale and herbs, so these answers are kept a secret…Or made to seem ridiculous to keep you off the right track.

Before 9/2018 187 LB.

Getting free from food addiction

After: 11/2018 157 LB

Eat without guilt and be happy in your body

Learn how to stuff yourself with delicious healthy food on a daily basis without remorse.

Lose weight and free yourself from the disease in the process.

Once your taste buds have “neuro-adjusted” to real food, processed food won’t taste as great as you remembered, and staying thin and vibrant will be effortless!


If I can learn to enjoy whole foods you can too. I never thought I would be able to change!

I was the worst junk food addict ever, and I now enjoy real whole plant-based foods!

The Details of the Journey

I started this site to help you find alternatives to big pharma. I hope this site helps save you some time and energy on your search.

I experienced my first winter of depression at the age of 15 when we moved from sunny Albuquerque New Mexico to a small mill town in Maine. I slept all winter and wondered what had hit me. (This was back in 1975 before Seasonal Affective Disorder was a thing).

I have had chronic fatigue and chronic pain/fibromyalgia starting in my early 20’s.

I am a refined food addict, but I didn’t figure this out until recently because I didn’t know specific types of food could affect the brain’s pleasure centers the way street drugs do.

Food addiction was the missing piece to help me with my depression and fatigue by changing my diet with this new knowledge in hand.

I tried talk-therapy for many years and tried 3 different kinds of antidepressants. But something was missing in this approach. 

I read everything on self-transformation that I could find. I did a ton of self-improvement programs: EST back in the day, Landmark Forum, Transcendental Meditation and a ten-day silent meditation retreat at the Vipassana meditation center, (They have free room and board and lots of vegetarian food! How could I not go?)

Finally, I uncovered real solutions for my chronic conditions using food as my medicine with herbs, probiotics, detoxing and supplements in conjunction with meditation practices.

I discovered a whole “underground railroad” to freedom with people who had gone before and had been successful at losing weight, getting off blood pressure meds, and antidepressants and healing many or all of their symptoms without toxic drugs or with much lower doses of drugs than they had been on before.

Other Stuff About Me

I’m a freelance health writer at mindbodycopy.com. I have been in the health and wellness field for over 20 years. When I failed to figure out a way to make a living as a modern dancer I became an aerobics teacher back in the Jane-Fonda-’90s in Boston, MA. (Remember the thong leotard that never looked good on anyone?)

This led to certification as a sports massage therapist and later became a Pilates trainer.

On the side, I performed with salsa dance teams in LA and San Francisco and taught in salsa in clubs and studios.

I have a degree in illustration from Massachusetts College of Art and have been a freelance artist on and off since graduating. (Yep, I always go for practical careers.) I have a site for creatives who want to sell their work at MindfulJoyful.com

I was raised by a single mom who is a composer-playwright-puppeteer. (Can’t decide on a single impractical career? Then just hyphenate and do it all!)

We moved around the country every few years. I went to 15 different schools and lived in six states before I left “home” at the age of 17.

I proudly carry an ACE score of 5 for adverse childhood experiences.