Who's Behind Mind-Body Clarity?

Hi, I’m Zoe Zuniga, holistic health writer

I research the best courses, information, and products to help people heal from food addiction, depression and other chronic conditions.

Zoe Zuniga natural health writer

I started this site to help others who want to find alternatives to traditional medicine and big pharma. I have vowed to help others avoid wasted time and suffering by telling my story.

I have a history of depression, starting at the age of 15 when we moved from sunny Albuquerque New Mexico to a small mill town in Maine. I slept all winter and wondered what had hit me. This was back in 1975 before Seasonal Affective Disorder was a thing.

I have had chronic fatigue and chronic pain/fibromyalgia starting in my early 20’s and was diagnosed with Epstein Barr and rheumatoid factors. I have been a light sleeper with vivid dreams all my life.

I am a refined food addict, but I didn’t figure this out until recently because I didn’t know specific types of food could affect the brain’s pleasure centers just the way street drugs do. I struggled to stay away from foods I knew were bad for my health for years until recently when I finally got free from cravings.

Food addiction was the missing piece to help me with my depression and fatigue by changing my diet with this new knowledge in hand.

I tried talk therapy with 6 different therapists over a 20-year span.I became very articulate about analyzing feelings, but nothing changed fundamentally until I addressed the underlying physical problems.

I did a ton of self-improvement programs including EST and later Landmark Forum. I read everything on self-transformation that I could find. I did Siddha Yoga and Transcendental Meditation. I did a ten-day silent meditation retreat at the Vipassana meditation center, and more. 

These things helped me cope but did not change the underlying physical causes of my exhaustion, and depression.

At the age of 36, I checked myself into the county psych ward for 3 days of observation when I suddenly began to have racing thoughts, constant anxiety, and an inability to sleep, after a miscarriage.

They drugged me with tranquilizers, gave me a prescription for Zoloft and tried to paste the diagnosis of bipolar onto me, which I refused, knowing this was not the case. I now suspect that my thyroid and other hormonal imbalances were the issues.

After the Zoloft did not work I tried many different diets but found them hard to stick to with my constant sugar cravings. I also tried Paxil which made me extremely OCD and gave me an unreal feeling of being detached from my body.

Lastly, I tried Prozac which made me feel pleasantly numb until I heard a voice commanding violent actions. I flushed the Prozac down the toilet and began to look for natural solutions for depression.

Finally, I uncovered real solutions for dealing with depression effectively. I discovered a whole “underground railroad” to freedom with people who had gone before and had been successful at getting off antidepressants and healed many or all of their symptoms without toxic drugs.

It hasn’t been easy or fast and I don’t always feel great 24 seven but it has been a lot more effective than the current big-pharma treatments.

Other Stuff About Me

I’m a freelance health writer at mindbodycopy.com. I have been in the health and wellness field for over 20 years, working as a fitness trainer, Pilates trainer and sports massage therapist.

I came to the massage, somatic bodywork and, fitness field by way of dance and high impact aerobics, to heal my injuries after teaching fitness classes, performing in a modern dance company and salsa dance teams and teaching salsa in clubs and studios

I have a degree in illustration from Massachusetts College of Art and have been a freelance artist on and off since the 1980’s.

I was raised by a single mom who is a composer, playwright, and puppeteer. We moved around the country every few years.

I went to 15 different grade schools and lived in six states before I graduated from high school and left “home” at the age of 17.

I have an ACE score of 5 for adverse childhood experience.

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