Upgrade Your Health with Simple Plant-Based Recipes

There are a few elements you need to know about to change your health for good and keep the weight off while still enjoying your meals.

Looking to get healthy, fit, and happy?

one burner vegan plant-based whole foods meal in a pot

Nutrition is the best place to start

Learn what to eat on a daily and weekly basis to get the nutrients you need while staying slim.
Avoid pitfalls and learn what to expect.
What foods to avoid if you need to lose weight.

The simple tricks for learning to like a plant-based diet.

Educate yourself with actionable steps to a life of cleaner eating.

Understand the basics of eating a plant-based vegan diet or close to vegan diet, and changing your mindset.

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Common Questions Answered

What about protein?

What about Calcium?

B-12 supplementation?

Does it have to be organic?

And aren’t carbs bad for us?

Will you ever be able to eat out again?

How do you explain your new veggie diet to friends and family?

no flour non fat oat muffins

Making the Transition Successfully

Learn to prepare ahead and shop differently for easy weekly meals.

You will be motivated to change your habits for life
when you see what plants can do for your health and immunity.