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DIY Natural Skin Care

If you are trying to eat a healthy diet you are shooting yourself in the foot if you are still using toxic products on your skin and hair. What we put on our bodies is almost as important as what we put in them.

I was shocked to find out how little regulation there is in our personal care products and began looking around for alternatives.

I came across some amazing DIY anti-aging skin care products you can make in your own kitchen.

Forget toxic and costly botox injections. Take back your power with clean products that will not hurt your health.

If you’re among the millions of women that spend hundreds of dollars on skin care products that are long on promises and short on results…

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It’s time to stop hurting your health to look beautiful

There’s a better way!

Learn more here!

The vast majority of skin care products – yes, even the most expensive ones – are full of dangerous chemicals!

These chemicals can make your skin look worse in the long run, and also create hormone imbalances that can make you gain weight and wreak havoc with your health.

and that’s not all…

These toxins can be a factor in depression and chronic fatigue and even contribute to causing cancer with long-term use.

DIY skincare grind your own lotions

If you want to feel great again please stop using chemicals on your skin and hair. It is a lot easier than you think to find products that work without harming your health.

Check out my favorite resource for DIY natural skin care!

What are your favorite DIY and other safer beauty care products? I am just discovering products and want to build a great resource for readers. Please comment below to let me know about great products.

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