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Freedom from sugar addiction, depression, and chronic illness
Through plant-based whole-foods

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Food as Medicine

Food is so simple but so powerful. Most of the time we don't need man-made pharmaceuticals to heal chronic conditions. Give the body what it needs and get out of the way. Nutrition affects the brain and body profoundly. But as a culture, we refuse to see the obvious. Instead, we look for answers in complex, and often dangerous, and expensive supplements, and drugs.

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Plant-Based Weight Loss

Learn to eat a high nutrient diet and never feel hungry. Wean yourself off of processed foods and get free from cravings. Follow my food addiction recovery journal and learn how I lost 30 pounds without dieting.

Meditation & Mindfulness

Neuroplasticity means flexibility and learning, Neurogenesis means we can grow new brain cells with the right activities, foods, and supplements. Recognition is starting to dawn in the health community that meditation is a tool in the healing game as much as nutrition, medicine, and exercise.

Your Happiness Setpoint

The new science of happiness is not just about faking it until you make it, but real solutions. By cultivating a more accurate view of how the human mind works we find ways around our natural pessimistic programming. You can quickly learn how to have better outcomes instead of the same old crap.

Movement &

Learn to take care of yourself with self-massage tools, Pilates and yoga courses online.

Junk food VS greens

Healing Food Addiction

Addiction to refined foods is a real condition and it's a lot more prevalent then we know. Highly palatable refined foods that are high in calories and low in nutrients can change your brain for the worse and contribute to diabesity and other chronic conditions.

Safer Personal Care Products

Learn how to protect yourself against a toxic environment with EMF protection for cell phones and computers,  heavy metal contamination and toxins around the home.

Ayurveda, Herbs and Brain Boosters

Learn how to use whole herbs and nutrients to balance your system.

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Supplements and Vitamins Pros and Cons

Some of the plant-based nutrition experts like the Blue Zone Diet, T. Collin Campbell who wrote Whole and, Dr. McDougall say you don’t need supplements on a plant-based diet except for, perhaps B12 which is a must if you are vegan for more than a few months. They feel that eating whole foods should be enough. After

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charity: water in uganda

Empowering Girls and Giving Time Back to Women

I had only the vaguest idea that women and girls all over the world are still spending many hours every day walking miles to bring water home in Jerry Cans and jugs. I had no idea that with all the technology we have there were still many schools without running water and that this was

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woman holding stomach

How to Prevent Gas and Bloating on a Plant-Based Diet

Ok, I know gas and bloating isn’t the nicest subject to talk about. It can be really embarrassing to have uncontrollable gas and bloating when you start a new plant-based diet. But it is important to talk about this embarrassing subject if you want to be successful on a plant-based diet! A whole food plant-based

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weight loss plateau

How to End a Weight Loss Plateau on a Plant-Based Diet

When I first started my whole-foods weight loss diet using Chef AJ’s book I lost 30 pounds in a couple of months. I was elated. It was easy and  I didn’t have any cravings or hunger. I was happily stuffed on delicious high-fiber plant foods and hoped the next 30 pounds would come off just

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CBD oil Placebo or Cure

The Best Quality CBD Oil: the Cure Without the High

Is CBD Oil too Good to be True? I had dismissed CBD (cannabidiol) oil from the hemp plant as just another scam or fad before even doing the research. I thought of CBD hemp oil as just one more make-a-quick-buck supplement you don’t need, promising to cure all that ails you without having to make

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Revitalizing drop of water

11 Ways to Boost Your Energy Naturally

Do you wake up groggy no matter how many hours you sleep? Do you feel tired in the afternoon and have to have caffeine to boost your energy? Do you get home hoping to do something productive, like art or writing, but end up in front of the TV feeling like a dump truck ran

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