Mind-Body Clarity

Your Journey Back to Health

There is a secret to having immense energy, health, and joy.
It doesn’t cost a lot of money and it isn’t difficult or complicated. 
It is being kept from us and it is time to lift the darkness.

Freedom from chronic illness
Through plant-based whole-foods

red cabbage, mushrooms, onions black beans

Food as Medicine for Lifestyle Diseases

Food is so simple but so powerful. Most of the time we don't need man-made pharmaceuticals to heal chronic conditions. Give the body what it needs and get out of the way. Nutrition affects the brain and body profoundly. But as a culture, we refuse to see the obvious. Instead, we look for answers in complex, and often dangerous, and expensive supplements, and drugs.

food addiction freedom can be yours too

Plant-Based Weight Loss

Learn to eat a high nutrient diet and never feel hungry. Wean yourself off of processed foods and get free from cravings. Follow my food addiction recovery journal and learn how I lost 30 pounds without dieting.

Junk food VS greens

Healing Food Addiction

Addiction to refined foods is a real condition and it's a lot more prevalent then we know. Highly palatable refined foods that are high in calories and low in nutrients can change your brain for the worse and contribute to diabesity and other chronic conditions.

Meditation & Mindfulness

Neuroplasticity means flexibility and learning, Neurogenesis means we can grow new brain cells with the right activities, foods, and supplements. Recognition is starting to dawn in the health community that meditation is a tool in the healing game as much as nutrition, medicine, and exercise.

Your Happiness Setpoint

The new science of happiness is not just about faking it until you make it, but real solutions. By cultivating a more accurate view of how the human mind works we find ways around our natural pessimistic programming. You can quickly learn how to have better outcomes instead of the same old crap.

Movement &

Learn to take care of yourself with self-massage tools, Pilates and yoga courses online.

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Safer Beauty and Personal Care Products

The Ugly Truth about the cosmetic industry The US has not passed a federal law regulating the cosmetic industry since 1938 The Food and Drug Administration does not require that cosmetics ingredients or products be approved before they go on the market, and FDA has no power to recall a product from the market The European Union has banned

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What is Spiritual Awakening?

Have you  have had some kind of shift or waking-up-experience or are you are curious about the experiences of people who have had awakenings? It can be hard to find honest spiritual teachers when you are on a spiritual path. You have to be cautious and do your own reserach rather than just accept what

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How to Eat Organic on a Budget

Alternatives to eating SAD food without breaking the bank SAD it the acronym for the Standard American Diet, and sad is how a lot of us feel after eating the standard fare we find at our local grocery stores and restaurants. It’s difficult but not impossible to eat a healthy diet in an unhealthy world

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Are Your Gut Bacteria Making You Fat?

For years I was being pushed around by tiny microscopic bacteria that lived in my gut, but I didn’t know it I used to have a craving for sweets every night after dinner and sometimes during the day too. After a healthy lunch or dinner, I would get this craving for more food even though

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Supplements and Vitamins Pros and Cons

Some of the plant-based nutrition experts like the Blue Zone Diet, T. Collin Campbell who wrote Whole and, Dr. McDougall say you don’t need supplements on a plant-based diet except for, perhaps B12 which is a must if you are vegan for more than a few months. They feel that eating whole foods should be enough. After all humans lived without

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